Graphics and Site Design

Rather than work from pre-defined "templates", we approach each site design on an individual basis to better reflect your professional identity, taking into account your industry sector and offered services, as well as your visions for public presentation.

We can incorporate your own graphics, logos, photos and colour schemes to match your existing profile. Alternately, we can create graphics and logos from scratch to form a complete new look or to extend a present theme. We take care to make sure the chosen theme is consistent throughout your site.

We write websites using current coding techniques adhering to internationally recognised standards and semantic recommendations. These practices of separating content from visual style produces faster loading, more consistent pages that are easier to update and more understood by search engine indexers and screen readers for the visually-impaired. To further increase accessibility, our sites are not dependant on technologies such as javascript and flash unless you specifically request it.

Information - standards based coding

The World Wide Web Consortium (members include Microsoft, Mozilla, and Adobe among over 400 others) has drafted many standards and recommended practices defining the way web browsers should display web page coding and the best methods for utilising such coding.

Part of this is making a distinction between page content and the visual presentation. In the past, presentation was coded into each page, locking the designer into rigid, inflexible layouts which were difficult to update and modify visually, loaded slowly, and confused programs such as screen readers and search engine indexers. Modern, well-coded pages are much more flexible and don't suffer from these problems. Unfortunately, the majority of web page designers are still locked into the old table-layout and scripting practices of times long past.

We are committed to promoting current standards and practices to ensure your audience has a pleasant time browsing your site, no matter what they use to do so.


Costs of establishing a web site can vary with page content and complexity, but the following is a rough guide:

Basic site with one page - $300 including setup, design, and upload. For customers who have purchased hosting, this includes the first month of hosting charges. A simple site may cost less, whilst a complex design may cost more.

Additional pages - around $95 each. Again, pricing could be more or less depending on page complexity.

General coding / graphics labour rate for modifications and updates is $60 per hour. This also applies to additional scripting (javascript and server-side) and special effects required.